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For medical or security assistance, call +1-410-453-6330 or +44 (0)020 3907 4920 if your company is headquartered in Europe. 
Local telecommunication carrier charges may be incurred. The Emergency Response Center can obtain a callback number to minimize telecommunication charges to you.

If you are a UHC Global member, call the number on the back of your ID card or visit

For information about our services in Europe, visit us here.

If you are interested in individual short-term travel insurance or have questions about your policy coverage, visit SafeTrip.

For physicians and other health care professionals (expatriate patient eligibility information, claim submission and Electronic Payments & Statements), email us.  If you are interested in joining our global network, contact us

To access medical information, WorldWatch, Travel Security Manager (TSM), visit the Intelligence Center.

For all other inquiries about UnitedHealthcare Global products and services or to request a group quote, contact us. A UnitedHealthcare Global Representative will contact you directly.



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