Extensive Global Network

Access to a worldwide network of over one million pre-screened providers, including over 150,000 providers and 15,000 hospitals and clinics outside the U.S.

Comprehensive Benefit Plan Options

Flexible and integrated medical, pharmacy, dental, vision and wellness coverage for globally mobile employees and their families, including Life, AD&D and LTD.

Fully Integrated Member Services

A dedicated international customer service center offering immediate, personalized assistance 24/7, through one toll-free number that provides access to multilingual customer service specialists fluent in more than 100 languages

Seamless Global Claim Administration

A single, global platform for any claim regardless of country, coding, currency or language, including direct-pay settlements with healthcare professionals and hospitals globally.


Programs and services that are tested and compliant with applicable laws and regulations in jurisdictions around the world.

Advanced Care Management

Programs and services that use health and wellness coaching to encourage preventive care, promote healthy lifestyles and inform better healthcare choices.


Cost Competitive Pricing

Healthcare coverage that leverages our best-in-class global networks combined with our leading clinical programs provides members with access to the right care, at the right location. The result: effective cost management and more successful assignments.

Enhanced Expatriate Experience

Consistent, responsive assistance, 24/7 with local expertise to help members adjust to new surroundings: from guidance on housing and education to finding a physician.


An expansive array of global assistance services including online tools, global intelligence and monitoring, security operations and training, traveler tracking and medical evacuations.

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